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Power Failure - File Sharing Problems

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In our office a co-worker accidentally unplugged their PC while they had several peer-to-peer shared files open (primarily a shared Access database). Since that time, performance with those essential programs for that computer has been significantly slower than before to the point where it is almost unusable. The rest of the computers in the office and the shared file seem uneffected to others.

I re-installed Windows 2000 and the Office 2000 suite on that problematic machine but the problem persisted. I then did a clean install hoping to wipe out any issues and start fresh, but it is still the same and getting an error message when trying to copy large files (some drivers and software to reinstall on the system) to/from the shared computer mid-effort: "Specific network name no longer available".

I was going to attempt to install a previously unused version of Windows XP Home Edition to see if that improved anything, but it instructed me that I couldn't upgrade from Windows 2000 unless it was to the professional version.

There is also an office printer shared from this PC, and though people in the office can still print to it the performance of the print jobs is also noticably much slower and sporatic.

I am not sure if these symptoms are hardware or operating system related. Other than the file sharing issues, the computer seems to be operating independently satisfactorily. I'm hoping to get this resolved before we decide to just scrap it and buy a new PC.
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i would by a new pc from HP cause DELL sucks :4-thatsba
You would be better off doing a clean install of Win 2000. Win XP Home is not well suited for the office lan.

littshepkid02:Since this problem has nothing to do with the fact he is using a Dell, your advice is not helpful. The sudden removal of power would have caused problems with any machine regardless of manufacturer. :4-thatsba

Make sure that your employee did not screw up his/her profile. I have seen this happen many times. It's all about WHEN the employee unplugs their computer. If you do it at the same time that the profile is being written to, they will muck it up sometimes rendering the pc useless. So if you are using roaming profiles, this may be the case.

I have had success by simply deleting the user at the domain controller and recreating the user (have many templates so things like this are easy). Took me all of 30 seconds.
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