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Power Controlling PC Devices, when not needed?

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I was just wondering if anyone knew of such a device that could do what I need.

Specifically as after buying one of the Plugin Electricity Watt power meters and seeing first hand the amount of electricity a PC uses relative to all other items in the household (which is a staggering amount).

I was wanting to try and do my bit for the global warming energy situation. And thus had the idea of some sort of way of disabling power from my PSU to all none essential items when they are not needed.

I plan on building up a brand new PC as soon as the NVIDIA MCP7A motherboards are released at the end of June and wish to make it as electricity efficient as possible. I already have the Coolermaster 850w Modular PSU of my last PC though.

Therefore is there a way other than physically opening up the case and pulling out the sata/molex power cables to disable DVD Drives and other none essential items when they are not needed.

Similar to a fan controller does for fans but this would be a power controller for DVD Drives / Hard Drives and such.

I know you can set windows to switch off hard drives when not in use for a certain period, but I would like to go one better and manually control the power to my devices as opposed to relying on windows.

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not exactly.

theres alot of PCI devices that aren't the most PnP compliant. IDE hard drives especially. Cut power to those, and windows throws a fit (as me, i know). Sata is a little more compliant because it supports limited PnP in the form of hotplugging, but windows doesn't allow you to eject them like windows ejects flash drives (note- linux can eject a disk drive). Cutting power to a gfx card simply wont happen.

Other than a high efficiency PSU, a modern Core 2 Duo with the 45 nm spec or whatever it is, and using 1 big drive rather than 2 or 3 smaller disk drives, you dont have alot of options.
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