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Potential Computer Build

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I am thinking about building my first computer, and I wanted to hear your thoughts on the components I have selected. The main thing I am concerned about is that in the summer, ambient temperatures can get up to at least 35C, and I want to make sure the computer stays cool. Would you recommend something other than what I have selected for it?

CPU $200 125w //AMD Phenom II x6 1090t
GPU $210 358w //XFX Radeon HD 5870
MB $145 ---- //M4A89GTD PRO
RAM $100 ---- //Kingston HyperX 8 GB : 2 x 4 GB
Wifi $070 ---- //D-Link DWA-556 Xtreme N PCI Express Desktop Adapter
Case $100 ---- //In Win Ironclad
PSU $080 650w //XFX Core Edition PRO650W
HDD $050 ---- //Hitachi Deskstar 3.5" 500GB 7200RPM SATA
Cooling $090 ---- //Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler

Total: $835 (Internal graphics only) $1045 (+GPU)
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I would go with a 2X2GB matched pair of G.Skill-Mushkin-Corsair for RAM.
I'm not a big fan of Kingston RAM but it's OK and 4GB is more than enough and issues with 4GB RAM sticks are not unheard of.
If you're not going to seriously OC, drop the aftermarket CPU cooler and save the $90.
Cases are a personal preference but I feel you could do better than InWin for that price.
Okay, that sounds fair enough. I guess I am going to have to do some more research into memory. Looking at reviews, Kingston isn't as good as it used to be, and Corsair has sent out quite a few faulty chips, which doesn't encourage me. I hear some people talking about OCZ, too. It is all a bit overwhelming. @[email protected]

For the cooler, I am planning on seeing how my computer will do without it before I jump in and spend any money on it. If I can get away without it then great, but as I said, my biggest concern to the health of my computer is the summer heat with no A/C.

For the case, do you have any recommendations? I have never been much into cases, so I just picked around a review site until I found something that seemed to fit.
Just a note in regards of OCZ DRAM. They have decided to stop their DRAM production, so I couldn't advise to get their sets anymore. They may or may not keep the Fatal1ty series in production still, but that has not been confirmed AFAIK.
Let me plug Crucial, it's all I ever use and I have never had a bad or incompatible stick in 8 years of building. Kingston is fine though I do not like Hyper-X and Corsair I have had way too many issues.
I use Crucial's economy line for OEM units but for Performance I have to go with G.Skill or Mushkin.
A friend recommended Mushkin to me as well. They seem to be a good brand, so I am going to go with them.
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