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It's always interesting to know what electronics other enthusiasts have.

Here's mine:

TV - Samsung 46" DLP (1080i or 720P)
Comcast HD-DVR

Audio - Power/Processor - Pioneer VSX-D912 Receiver (driving only rear center speaker) I use the pre-outs to: Harmon-Kardon Signature 2.1 Amp (5 Channel 100 wpc - front L&R,center and both back surrounds)
Speakers - Celestion AVP 305 (and one old Yamaha for center back)
Subwoofer - Velodyne CHT12
DVD/CD/SACD/DVD-A - Pioneer DV-563A
Blu-Ray - Sony PS3

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my home theater is my computer.using a usb 5.1 sound card,and a pioneer vsx-d412 5.1 receiver.just got a monster marantz receiver from the late70's to drive the subwoofer is a dual voice coil speaker rated to handle 400 watts 200w per old marantz receiver can bottom it out.:grin:


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32" Magnavox LCD (great flat-screen for $600, digital tuner does its job and analog tuner puts out a nice clean signal. Highly recommend it!)
Mac Mini for DVD & multimedia (DVI>HDMI cable puts out a decent image, mini-toslink to toslink for dolby 5.1)
Crappy Samsung home theatre surround sound set, hoping to upgrade to JBL's when I have the $ to spend.

bluetooth mouse/keyboard + apple remote & front row make it very easy.

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What type of HT setup do you use?

My HT setup:

TV: Mitsubishi WD-Y577 1080p HDTV
Audio: Onkyo HT-S780 1,000w 7.1 surround system
DVD/Blu-Ray: Vizio Blu-Ray player
Other: XBox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii, XBox, PSone, Super Nintendo, PC/laptop, HD DVR.

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My home setup

TV- Mitsubishi 57" WD5773 DLP connected to HTPC through DVI to HDMI monster cable.

Audio - Yamaha HTR-5835 5.1 DTS receiver, Boston Acoustics center and surrounds, 10" 150 watt JBL PowerBass PB10 down firing powered sub.

DVD - LG DN798 1080p upconvert dvd player, connected with HDMI monster cable.

HTPC - AMD 64 X2 4800+, Asus M2A-VM motherboard , MSI NX8800GT , Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Music hooked up by optical cable to Yamaha receiver, Samsung SH-S203N SATA dvd drive, Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 16mb 320 GB. 2x1gb, 2x512mb Mushkin DDR2 800mhz ram

Game - Xbox360, PS2, Gamecube

Soon to be added - LG GGC-H20L DVD Burner & Blu-ray/HD Reader Multi Drive, with power dvd software

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42" hd plasma tv
[Project] Fired PC
20.1" sceptre LED
painted G7
painted EX110 wireless keyboard
2x bean bags
5.1 bose (sorry!) surround sound
2x technics bada$$ series (not really) speakers
sony 10" sub

it booms...alot :) bass ftw

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Phillips Tuner/media centre/amplifier...powering:
Home made front speakers and Hitachi surrounds
home made Sub enclosure (22mm MDF just sounds so much better than chipboard)
John Shearne power amp (for music only)...powering:
Kenwood stereo speakers
Sharp Aquos 37" 1080p HD LCD
HP 1502 15" LCD
Xbox 360 (120g HDD)
2x PCs as follows:

1/ Intel celeron HP Pavillion (with my own special windows xp pro install)
GeForce 6400 (AGP)
1.5g RAM
200g HDD

2/ Intel Q6600 (O.C.d to 2700mhz per core)
Galaxy GF6600GT Dual HD PCI-E GPU
Sony Optiarc DVDRW
-coming soon, extreme case mods, I have ordered an ASUS Arctic Square CPU cooler and loads of UV bits for internals-

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Nice - did you do the custom wood work?

Is the main cabinet ventilated?

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Hello, just finished the renovations for my new HT...... Specs below....

3 Tiered Staging + Stage for Entertainment Unit
Room is 8.1 Mtrs x 3.8 Mtrs
Floor carpeted + 1 Mtr up wall all the way around
Lowered Ceiling in front of unit
Lighting effects including Stage & Stairway (Blue) Lighting
Custom Built Entertainment Unit
Solarhome 5 Seater w/ fold down seats for cupholders and table
2 x Recliners on 1st Tier
Leather Beanbags in front of screen

PC running Vista Home Premium w/ MC (Pentium 4 3.33Ghz, 4GB DDR3 RAM, XFX9800GTX,3 x 1 TB HDD (Movies only) + 1 x 250 GB HDD (O/S and Basic Apps, PowerDVD 8 (Although I tend to use Vista MC), Sony Blu-Ray and DVD-ROM Players, Creative Audigy Fatality 7.1)
Analogue connection to an Onkyo Tx-SR875 A/V Receiver
7.1 Wall Mounted Yamaha (NS555,444,333) Speakers + Sub
2 x XBOX 360 running as extenders to other LCD's in the House
1 x PS3
Foxtel HD+ Platinum
Epson TW2000 Full HD Projector
120" Redleaf Motorised Projector Screen
Secondary PC running on Home Network
Wireless & Cables Home Network

Pictures to follow.....
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