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well, mine dont compare really, but im going to post them anyhow.

awhile back i did this, and i havent had a way to take pics of it, but here she is, my Red Ox

Named such for the red oxide paint

this was originally a 286.

my entire machine fit into it perfectly.

all i had to do was add the three fans, the big one is intake, and the smaller one is exhuast. if you look close at the back left corner, you will see the fan i added to releive some of the heat from my video card.

what i did with the turbo switch was a tiny bit odd. it switches the fans from 5v to 12v

other than that, there isnt anything special about it, although she runs at a cool 35 celcius and thats when she is topped out.

the skulls were a last minute thing, and we are repainting it with a graveyard theme soon.

and yes, my drives are black, but i did that to them long ago when it was in a black tower i revamped.

someday soon i am going to try to make a new machine for myself, and it will have a new case, but this will remain as my internet machine. (also the one i make cd's on)

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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