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Possible Power Issue?

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hey guys,

Having a bit of a problem this morning with my PC,
usually before I end the day instead of turning off my computer I would set it to sleep, and I did the same last night. How ever this morning when I tried to turn on my PC the Fans sounded like they were running on over drive (heavy sounding) I left it like this for a while and still, but my OP or Bios did not load up at all, just a blank black screen.

Im using a 650 power supply (fairly old), duel 3.2 processor, 6g ram, nVidia Gforce 240 graphics, asus P5Q3 Motherboard and 1t hard drive running Windows 7.

open to any suggestions, a few mates I have explained the problem to think my power supply could be dead, but before i got testing, removing or replacing things I just wanted another opinion.

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In the above you describe a failed wakeup from standby. Are you able to do a cold boot?
what are you running
video card
power supply
check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

blow it clear of dust

redo the paste with some arcticsilver

Arctic Silver Incorporated - Route to Product Instructions for Arctic Silver 5

the fans running at high speed would indicate heat
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Brand & Model of the 650W PSU and how old?
Cant do a cold boot because the computer just wont start at all... there is no lights indicating the mother board has power ether.

as for my current power supply i have a 650v coolmaster ATX12V. (2-3 years old)
i have tried putting a spare power supply in the computer which was a
SeaSonic S12II 620W 80+ PSU and still no response from the computer

okay so it seams now with the spare power supply the there is a light indicating the mother board has power... but sadly still not turning on... could it be the actual power button? perhaps not making connection?
try touching the 2 pins on the m/b that the front button connects to with a small screwdriver for a fraction of a second and see if it boots
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