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Possible Power Error, Computer beeps at me.

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I recently built my first P4 system (all others have been AMD).

I bought a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP board, P4 3 gig 800mhz fsb, 2 512 kingston HyperX pc 3200 ram chips. ati 9600 pro, 430W Enermax power supply, Western Digital ata 100 60 gig HD, Lite-on CD-RW.

I bought the board because I wanted to eventually do serial ATA and raid.

Anyways, I set it up, ran memtest86 and it completed without error. I installed windows XP with hyperthreading enabled in bios. Windows installed fine.

Now here's the issue. I ran 3dmark 2003 and 2001 without issue, pluged in my case fans, put my case side on. Installed norton IS, and now at random my computer will short beep 3 - 5 times someitmes once, sometimes over and over. When this happens it sounds like my cpu fan drops slower for a second. This still happens even after I unhooked all my case fans. Also the system randomly restarts (although very rarly, and I think I need to change a windows XP setting to stop this and see the error). I am trying to figure out if this is a cpu, mb, ram, or power issue. Any suggestions?

*edit* also I have CPU fan control enabled in bios as well as CPU fan monitoring.*
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there should be some sort of monitoring program that can give you live views of whats going on ....

Get a bigger power cant have to much watage....bad power is the culprit in more problems then one would think....this time bigger is better
I figured it out (I think) Its actually an issue with CPU temp and fan speed. I called intel and they informed me that my Motherboard has issues with the fan speed monitoring being set to high. When my computer was not doing anything (and thus why I didn't have these issue's with 3dmark) the fan speed drops to 2000rpm. The system flips out at 2500 rpms. I uped the threshold and we are all ok now. Still not sure on the random reboots, I think that might be my ram timmings.
It is finally stable. After making changes in the bios and turing off fan speed monitoring as well as setting the ram timings instead of using spd. I was finally able to install XP without BSD's and it has run stable in games and apps for 14 hours.
Beeps return

Guy's - I saw your thread and latched on - I have built a similar system and suffer from an infernal intermittant beep.

GA-8KNXP board
1GB Corsair 400DDR mem
3.06 GB 800 P4
3 Raptors in SATA Raid
Audigy Pro
R 9800 Pro
2003.NET Server

I suspect the beep has been several things, in the start the machine truely flipped out and I thought it was the bios as the beeps never stopped.

But after seeing your post, I have disabled in Bios;
CPU Fan Monitoring
Games port

Now my beep only returns during games when I suspect the graphics are ing full whack and I beleive it may be an IRQ clash, have you had any further beeps or have any ideas?

Kind Regards
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I have not had anymore problems sense making those changes. I have heard of a lot of people having great success with the version 6a bios, but that is a beta bios and you have to contact gigabyte support for the bios.
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