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Hey gang...

Got an issue and wanted to see what you xperts thought.

Just build my second system. Pretty generic, just for my wife to piddle around on. Specs are as follows: (Don't laugh; my gaming rig gets all the love :D)

Tabor II MB
Pent III 450
Generic A Drive
Generic CD Rom
Maxtor Hard drive 30 Gig 7200 RPM
Microsoft intellieye mouse
Generic Keyboard
GF 2 (atleast she got a good video card lol)

Anywho... the hard drive is new. As is the A drive. The comp goes through its normal routine. I hit the power button; the video card bios screen comes up; then the system goes through its checks; then i get a screen that says "Missing Operating System". NO [email protected]#T SHERLOCK :D Anyways, I have a valid bootable floppy in the drive, and it won't boot to it. I have made two more bootable disks just to check. None will get the drive to read. Everytime I cut it on, after it goes through all its checks i get the missing operating system message.

Any suggestions?

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hey rimandtaz, welcome to the forum :D
did you try going into BIOS and check the boot sequence?
It should be set to boot from A:/ first and then maybe CD and
then the hard drive... When you boot your PC, does it recognize your A:/ drive ?

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