I have done reviews in the past of the RAVPower KnightRider and HooToo HT-TM01 , and while they both made good external battery packs for long term travelers, each one lacked a key element; the ease of portability.

Over the past few weeks, I have been reviewing the newest edition to RAVPower’s lineup, the RAVPower Luster power bank (Model number: RP-PB08). Throughout the review I will be talking about unboxing it, its build quality and design, features and specifications, and finally, my overall thoughts. A special thank you goes out to RAVPower for providing this product.

Figure 1 – The Luster shown using the included clip

Unboxing the Luster

This is what I would call an easy unboxing; RAVPower provides the necessary components such as user documentation, a short USB (USB to MicroUSB) charging cable that doubles as both a phone charger and a charger to recharger the Luster, and of course the item itself.

One additional item included is a metal clip that allows you to easily pocket the Luster. The handy clip allows users to have their phone charge while in their pocket and not have the Luster rub against your phone. An example is shown in figure 1.

Figure 2 – The Luster’s Flash Light

Build Quality and Design

The Luster looks stylish in a prestigious aluminum shell, which also helps to eliminate any minor abuse like scratches. As my Luster did receive some light scratches from use this did not affect the device or take away from the looks. Available in four different colors; Gold, Silver, Black and Pink, this should fit any personality. Conveniently, the Gold and Silver editions go well with the new iPhone 5s colors.

Included is an extremely useful flashlight on the front, allowing users to have a compact, long lasting flashlight wherever they are. Having the ability to display in three different modes, High, Low, and Strobe, I found that they are all extremely bright, however, the strobe effect I could do without as I found it to be impractical. The flashlight is so useful that instead of using while traveling I found that keeping it in my car was a better place for it. On a full charge the flash light can last up to five days or can provide your smartphone with a one-time charge.

As the intent of the Luster’s scheme is to be shaped like a tube of lip stick, the Luster is a little larger then you may expect. It does fit well in a purse, suit case, car, pocket, etc. though, with the dimensions of 4.6 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches.

Finally, on the rear of the Luster you’ll find the IO panel. Here is the 5V/1A output to charge your smartphone’s battery. With 3000mAh any available smartphone on the market should receive a full charge from the Luster. Also located on the rear is the MicroUSB input for charging the Luster and the power button for the flash light.

Figure 3 – Rear IO

Features and Specifications

As the main feature of the Luster is to be a backup charger, I found that a more useful application was to store the device in my car. While in the car, the Luster provides me an emergency smart phone charger or a long lasting flashlight.

My applications may differ, and just like the other two battery banks I reviewed, business personnel would love the portable size as they can charge their phone on the go and hide both the Luster and smart phone in their pocket, nobody the wiser!

With the handy flashlight, 3000mAh battery, extreme portability and a reasonable price of $19.99 I am quite happy with the Luster and couldn’t imagine anything else that RAVPower would need to add.

Finally, here are the product’s specifications:


Capacity: 3000 mAh or 2600mAh
Performance for iPhones: 100% battery life
Input: 5V / 1A;
Input charging time: 4-5h via Standard USB or AC adapter (not included)
Output: 5V / 1A; Size: 4.33" x 0.9" x 0.9"
Lipstick Weight: 3.07 oz.
Warranty: 12 months

Figure 4 – Three of the four colors.

Final Thoughts

Over the past two weeks I have enjoyed using the Luster. As I said above, with the option of four colors, and two different battery sizes, 2600mAh and 3000mAh, RAVPower has once again created a useful product for anyone ranging from a business traveler to someone wanting to create an emergency car kit. A point that I wasn’t fond of is that the size and weight compare nothing to a Lip Stick tube, as RAVPower was implying, but with its all-aluminum body and compact size most users will be happy with what the RAVPower Luster has to offer.

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