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Port Issues...I think

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I'm kind of new at this, so please talk to me like a child in your responses lol. So, here's my issue. I had a Motherboard overheating issue about two weeks ago. It had been acting up for a while. So one day a crap load of spyware pops up and freezes my computer. So, i did a manual shut down and could not restart it due to the motherboard overheating. So, I got a new MB two days ago and finally restarted my computer. At the time, I was using AVG free. So, there's no trace of this spyware upon starting, but my computer will no longer connect to any external servers. (IE - WoW, Curse Client, Any online gaming servers, etc) So, Curse Client (which is an addon installation program for WoW) tells me that AVG is interfering with it connecting to its update server. So, I uninstalled AVG after running a scan to find the spyware. The scan found no issues. So, I installed the free version of Avast. It detected six problems and they were removed. I still cannot connect to any external servers, however.

I've tried shutting down the firewall and restoring the firewall's settings to default. No change. I found a tool online to check your port status and found that the ones that should be open are not. So, I tried using an online tutorial to open them. It didn't work from the very start. It told me to type my router's IP address in a web browser of some kind. That did not work on Firefox or Internet Explorer. I'll provide all information I know, but if there's any other information needed to solve the problem, please let me know what it is and where to find it.

PC - Dell Optiplex gx280
Router - Westell Model Number - B90-610030-06
OS - Windows XP

Thanks for any help you guys can provide. I misses my online gamez :sigh:
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If you got a new motherboard, is it the exact same make/model as the old one? If not, trying to run the old installation on different hardware is sure to cause issues.
It's not the exact same as the one I had with the computer. It's a bit smaller and only has two slots for memory, whereas the old one had four. Is there any way to fix it with the new MB?
Well, there are sometimes repair options you can do, but the clean way it to reinstall Windows from scratch.
Alright. Thanks so much, I'll keep you updated.
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