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I have a serious problem with my hp pavilion zv5000. a few weeks ago i set it on standby mode while it was downloading some stuff by utorrent and i went to sleep.that night there was a thunder strom and very massive the morning when i saw my laptop it was off.when i turned it on ,it started normally,after using a few minutes, i came to know that it is muted when i increased its volume from the volume icon it automatically became muted.not only this when i opened any window or page ,it was automatically closed if it was maximaized.another problem which occured was mouse pointer became hanged, inspite of moving finger on the trackpad it did not move, but the pointer automatically moved to start menu open several programs from there.this problem is persistant till now.i have installed several antiviruses but no one detected any virus.i formated the whole hard drive but i can`t get rid of this problem..........
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sounds like a corruption somewhere

try this

Power down laptop
take out battery and ac power
press and hold the power buttong for 30 secs
now plug in the ac power not the battery and switch on

that drains any residual electricity

also just after the Hp splash logo press and hold F8 you should see some writing including safe mode choose last known good configuration

get back to us and tell us if that helps
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also try reseating the ram in different slots

if you have 2 sticks of ram then swap them over

had the same issue on another machine and just swapped out the ram with known good working ones and then it was fine again
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