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plz help if you can guys

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i recently bought a gecube ati radeon x1650 pro 256 mb agp edition..the core clock must run at 600 mhz and the ram clock at 1380mhz the core runs ok at 600mhz but the ram at 297!!!!!!!!!!! plz help me with this speed i have some problem with games...plzz i am waiting a helpfully answer
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Use Everest to check the memory clock, it may be an incorrect reading.
i checked the clock with all the programs 3d mark05 ati tool and more it's not bad reading...plz help
noone nows what the problem is or what i must do?plz help if you know something
ask a friend to try it in their computer,if it is the same
there may be something wrong with the ram,take the card back
the bad think is that noone of my friends have an agp system and i have already cahnge the card because the first one shuted down the computer when i was playing could be tha psu or the mobo???
if you are recieving no error message
power or heat
if you can restart straight away look at the power
put your specs into here
based on a quality power supply and add 30% to the end result and that's the min you need
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