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Plz Help Before I Get Even More Mad!

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my net will connect, but at a rather unwanted stability, ergo, it cant connect to sites most times as it 'times out' or 'cannot find *site*' then MSN wont deliver my messages as my connection is so unstable.

i checked ping on msn, so much for instant messaging, the ping was 37seconds.

Firefox also wont connect, this is a error that effects IE and Firefox, sometimes though MSN will work but the browsers wont... PLZ HELP!!!
i can get it workin, after about 5 reboots and 6 reconnects (im not joking)

ne advice apart from "get bttr internet" will be greatly appreciated

could my modem have summin 2 do with it?

BT tells me i connect at 33.6Kb, but i used a speed checker while my net was idle and it reported 28.8Kb.. y is my modem lying to me?

please please please help, i am so close to destroying this pc!
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Hey! You hold it right there. It's NOT your PC's fault that you are on dial-up. For shame. For shame. :4-thatsba :4-thatsba

Okay. What seems to be the problem here? :smile: Have you checked for spyware and viruses using the truckload of information provided on these forums? Does your modem have any driver updates that you can download? Try following the steps in this 56k checklist.
ok, im sorry *sniff* im sorry pc.

ok, so i thought it was 28.8, but i did the TSF test and its 13.8Kb

im not sure about drivers, its a old modem, U.S Robotics 56K voice INT PnP
at least i think its old

i check for viruses alot, i have ewido, and adaware.. i scan at least once every 2-3 days, and i use Cleanup! everyweek. the link didnt help.
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