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plz advise which one

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Hi there

My friend wants to Upgrade his old celeron 333mhz to either

MSI 6737 (AMD) or MSI 6533XG-L (P4) ???


XP 2200+ or Cel 2.0ghz

I've tried to look up the specs on these 2 mother boards to see what they intail BUT the usual page "Page cant be displayed
i tried 4 a few days know "surfing 2 find specs but no find.

Plz help me

PS what im really after how many devices they support if they have USB 2.0 etc etc
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The upgrade kit for the proposed pc has changed this one his is thinking to purchase


XP 2200+
256ddr333 pc2700 ram
savage 3d 32 meg vcard

so is this cool
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