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Pls help a problem on my PC

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Hello all .. i got a big Problem on my PC ,,im not gonna speak too much

my Computer is in french so im gonna describe on French then i will Translate to English

svchost.exe-Erreur d'application:

dans mon PC a la premier de demarrage de L'ordinatuer je sais cetter Erreur

le Problem il Dit :
svchost.exe -Erreur d'application
L'exception Exception logicielle inconnue (0xc0000409) s'est produite dans l'application à l'emplacement 0x7d4d6df4

mais lorsque je clicker OK ou Annuler le son arréter dans PC
et il na pas de périphérique audio

SVP aider moi

Transltion :

when i open the PC when the Desktop start it show me this Error

when i click OK or Cancel the sound Desepire i mean i can no more hear the sound on my PC and when i check the sound Device it show me that there is not any sound Device :/

its a problem of SVCHOST.EXE or somthing like that

translation of the Error on English :

svchost.exe - Application Error
The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in the application empalcement 0x7d4d6df4

i hope im clear and i hope find some help from you guys

pls dont tell me Format your PC :sigh:
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Hi clarck24 and welcome to TSF.

What Service Pack do you currently have installed as the 0xc0000409 error can point to a .asp issue that may be resolved by having the latest Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed.

With regards your audio issue, do you have the latest up to date sound driver installed for your computer? A program could have knocked it out/ damaged it, and it may need re-installing.

Can you check your Event Logs for any errors in red, Right click on 'My Computer' and select 'Manage', in the window that opens, select 'Event Viewer' and report any errors in red in 'System' and 'Application'.

Could you also give us your full system specs as well. If you are unsure what your specs are, download and run Speccy, then when it's generated the information (about 10 seconds) go File>Save as text file, and attach that as well.
Hi this the txt file you asked me

by the way im sure the problem of Sound is from this Error i tried to reianstall the audio driver and i even install a new one but the same problem After the error, audio will not work on my PC. No MP3s through Windows Media, no movie audio, no Youtube audio. If I go to the device manager, there are no exclamation marks or X marks indicating that a sound device is not working. But if you click on "sounds and audio devices", it simply says that there is no audio device. You also can't adjust the volume (the PC doesn't see that I have a mixer/audio device).

when i just close this error the sound disepire...
*but when i let this error open evryting works fine on PC

i hope you understand me

im working at Windows Xp sweet , i have install the NatFarm 4 and nothing changed

more information on txt file in Attach

another thing : when i close this error the windows also turn into classique style(themes)


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