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please somebody help me!having trouble merging multiple pdf files into one

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:4-dontkno i'm taking an online course and i have an insane teacher who's giving a final exam based on the whole book. The chapters are online and I would like to merge all the seperate chapters into one large file so that I could be able to search through the entire document using ctrl+f because it's impossible to search through each chapter one at a time because the test is timed.
my problem is that i think the school has this secured so that nobody can do it.
the chapters can be opened in either pdf or html format but i can only search through the chapters with pdf. i installed adobe acrobat 8 professional on my computer so that i could use the merge feature that it has. i saved all the chapters and i did the following:
i opened adobe acrobat 8 pro, clicked on combine files, add folder, browsed for the folder, hit ok, clicked next, and got the following error: Please remove problem files from the list or choose the PDF Package option. (all the files are "problem files") i don't know why it's not letting me merge the files.
Also, when i installed adobe acrobat 8 professional, i was no longer able to open the chapters online. I get the following error :

Downloading this document requires Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 or later to be installed on your computer.
The required software was not detected on this computer.
Under some circumstances, detection fails even if the required software is installed. To check whether the required software is installed on this computer:

Start Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.
On the Help menu, choose About. On the About page, check the version of the software. It must be must be 6.0 or later.
After you have checked for the required software:

When using Adobe Reader, we recommend Adobe Reader version 7.0.8. If Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 or 7.0 is not installed on your computer, or if you are not sure, click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

If you are certain that Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 or later is installed on your computer, click here to download your documents.

If you prefer to cancel the document download, click here to return to the Web site where you obtained the documents.

When I chose to download my documents, I'm forced to download a program called Adobe Digital Editions and this program only lets me view the chapters seperately.

Somebody please help me!!!!!!!!!! I have all the chapters on a cd and i need a way to merge them into one file. pleeeeeeeeeease help me. :jail: :4-toilet:
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Check in Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs for Adobe Acrobat/Reader and let us know the version of it.

You may have 2 version installed and the files are picking up the older version.
Hi Kalim, Thank You For Your Reply. I Have Adobe Reader 8 And Adobe Acrobat Professional 8

I'm only using Adobe Acrobat 5 Pro.

You have the option to add or remove pages to an existing PDF file.

All you need to do is open the document that needs to be at the beginning of your final document.

Then add each of the other PDF files to the end of that document.

With Acrobat 5
Document then choose add.

From experience I would suggest you add pages of the other documents in turn.

You can select more than one page. You could also rename the pages you wish to add to a sequential order

newpage02.PDF etc. Acrobat would then order these as required when they are added.

Give it a try and if it works save the newsly created larger PDF file. If the pages are not in the correct order or similar simply don't save teh newly created document.

It is very easy.


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michael1984, I'd follow ceri sheeran's advice above. I don't use Adobe much anymore for PDF creation but 3 other tools so I'm less refreshed with it. To make a PDF should be very simple usually. Open one up and then add to it.
ceri thanks for your reply. i've been struggling to find adobe acrobat 5 pro do you know where i can download it from?

You will not be able to legally download Adbobe Acrobat 5 Pro. Reader yeas but not Pro.

If you have Acrobat 8 Pro i very much dobt if the facility to add remove or replace pages has been removed.

It may be hidden a little in the menu structure, but it will be there.

I use this feaure to insert pages into a newsletter I produce with MS Publisher and then print to PDF. Frequently I will get a document as a Word page or quite simply something I cannot reproduce due to the complicated layout, fonts or even a Watermark. The solution is very simple though. I leave a basically blank marker page with text box. "Insert article re ???????"

Once complete and when printed to PDF such that I can send the document to the printers. I then insert the original MS Word or whatever program document as a single PDF page before or after the mostly blank page with the "insert ????" text box on it.

Once I know I have the cottect page in place I then simply extract or delete the marker page.


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How to create in Ad. Pro 6:

Have a look at this plugin for Acrobat aswell:

You may d/l any one of these free tools for PDF veiwing, merging, creation and splitting that are v.simple to use meanwhile we figure this out:
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