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Please! One non boot SATA to copy to new SATA how to?

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After using windows update my machine crashed and rebooted round and round not even getting to the log on screen. Now feeling flush after trying safe mode,with networking,command prompt,windows normally and finally last known working configuration to no avail. I bought another Maxtor SATA 200gb internal drive and loaded windows up fine.Incidently to let anybody else know I installed every available windows update without a hitch as well so now comes my question. How can I transfer my precious files(My kids photos,films,etc) from my old hard drive to my new one? I have an ASUS K8V SE deluxe mother board and it has four SATA sockets 1 of which is already used if that helps.I have already plugged it into the SATA socket above the other one but it is not recognising and the computer gets to the windows xp loading screen and then stops dead so I did not carry on with that and disconnected it.Many thanks in advance for all replies.
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d/l maxtors diognostic utility for the h/d for dos
put it on floppy
reconnect the problem drive
boot from the floppy and run the utility on the drive and see what it says
Many thanks shall try and let you know
Initalizing the SATA Drive

When you connect the SATA drive to the ASUS MB, the BIOS should be set to RAID, then the BIOS will reconize the drive.
When you boot to the XP os, go into the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage then Disk Management.
Now all to have to do is highlight the Drive on the right and right mouse click to 'initalize' the drive.
Windows will then reconize the drive and you can copy the information directly from one drive to the other.
You will notice the increase in speed that you get from the SATA drive.

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