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Please HelPPPPPPPPPPPP cannot get in to safe mode?

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operating systm xp pro ,computer is a 64x2 duel core 4800+ anthion amd with 2 g ram . Frose yesterday in yahoo so power off holding power button for the required time for the comp to shut off. Re start but black screen with a no input no signal on monitor . Re shut off with power button. re start hitting f8 key continusly over a couple of minutes to start safe mode. black screen. no inpuit no signal .Went to shut down again this time the power button imediately shut the system down not like normal where it take around 15 to 30 seconds . the light on the front is blinking like the hd is working and the comp signals initiation withe a single beep. monitor is good , checked against another comp. Tried a new video card same problem . Suggestions??????
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Are you using an on-board video card or an expansion video card? If you are using an expansion card then either disable it in the BIOS or remove it out of the expansion slot and use the on-board video card if you have one. This is typical behavior of a video card dying or driver being out of date.
Norm video is in pci express slot how would I conect the monitor ? tried another video card still same problem. Can't get into safe mode to see the bios or any thing
Does the PC on an on-board video card (usually under the mouse and keyboard connectors)?
Norm never realized it was there caped off . Removed old v card attached monitor to on bord video . get screen saying will start in 30 seconds do you want to start in standard mode or change to safe mode using the up and down arrows on the number pad or the key bord will not move the highlited start normal. also before that screen it says to hit tab if you want bios . by taping tab dosen't enter bios either? More sugestions please.
Now it sounds like either your keyboard is not plugged in or is broken. Have you tried plugging in a new keyboard?
Norm you were right almost I was using the wrong key bord think I have CRS. any way can move to safe mode now but still have a problem.Can look in bios do I have to change any thing because of the evternal video car that was removed? Tried to booot with system restore disk would not woork tried wisng the xp prog disk figured I might have to relode program would not work ? Sugestions . I appreciate the time you have taken soo far thanks.
What happens when you try to boot normally? Try to boot into safe mode with networking to see if you can upgrade your video driver. Go to your PC manufacturers website or the video card manufacturers website and look for the correct video driver and install it.
Sorry for the lagtime in replying have to shut one comp down swap the monitor to the other one then reboot that one. any way here's what happening nnowwhen computer starts up first screen i get is a screen shoowing the mother bord manufacture that has an option to press delet to enter the bios or tab to continue set up delete will take you to bios , tab or just not touching will bring you to a black screen whitch appologises because wind didn't start with start windows normally highlited also seconds untill windows starts safe mode safe mode with networking, safe with comand promp, and last known good config If you let count down in start norm mode it just stops at 0 . alll the other if highlited and press enter just stop. nothing can't move highlight upr down. what would you sugest next ? sledge hammer? Thanks
I'm sorry palmetto it is hard to decifer everything that you are saying. Are you still not able to use your keyboard at all? Can you boot to safe mode with networking? If so refer to post #8.
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