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The first time I booted up a newly built computer it was just fine, but then for some reason it shut off. Now when I try to turn on the computer it turns on but then in a split second turns right back off. I know it has nothing to do with the power supply, because I tried using the power supply from my old computer and had the same results. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Computer specs:

Motherboard: MSI KT4V
CPU Fan: Thermaltake Volcano 7+
HDD: 120gb WD
Vid: ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
CD-ROM: Matsumi 56x CD-ROM
CD-RW: MicroAdvantage 52x24x52x

Welcome to the forums vexerr..........:D

Try reseating your ram and video card and if that doesn't work try this.

Disconnect everything off of the motherboard except the CPU, Heatsink and Fan.

The heat sink fan has to be connected to the proper header.

Take the motherboard out of the case and lay it on a phone book or something non conductive.

Hook up the following items only.

Hook up the wire that comes from the power button on the front of the case to the correct header, See manual.

Hook up the the power supply to the motherboard.

Insert one stick of ram.

Insert the video card all the way.

Hook up the monitor.

Hook up power to computer.

Turn on the monitor.

Turn on computer.

You should have video on the monitor.

This sounds like a lot of work but it narrows down the devices to a few.

Try this and post back with the results, Relax and take your time...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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