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Hello all!

I'm a programmer of many years but have been forced to complete wildcard certificates on several Tomcat servers. The end goal being that a PowerShell script will auto-install these certificates on servers without any user intervention. I have the PowerShell kung-fu necessary to get the job done but I'm having real issues getting the certificates to install when doing my testing manually.
I think the problem lies in the certs that I was given to install, but I'm no expert. I keep getting errors.

The certs I was handed to convert/install/use are:
1) ourDomain.cer
2) ourDomain.p7b
3) ourDomain.pfx
4) ourDomain.csr
5) ourDomainIntermediate.cer
6) ourDomainRoot.cer

Again, all these are wildcard certs... e.g. *

What's the proper way of importing all these certs into Apache/Tomcat? I need instructions using keytool and/or openssl programs. No clicking/dragging/user-intervention please.
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