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please help with DVD-ROM problem

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I have an old Compaq PC with Win 98 installed. I think it's a PII celeron. It had problems with the DVD-ROM making the OS crash whenever I insert a CD and it tries to use the auto run function. I tried to replace the old DVD-ROM with a new one and it still has the problem. Anyone know if this can be fixed or has anyone encountered this problem? Any suggestions other than throwing the whole thing in the trash ans buy a new computer?
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Ok...throwing it out is a great start....OLD and Compaq dont make troubleshooting a joy...

In the case that you cant afford to throw it out....

Does the specs meet the requirements for the DVD
CPU memory OS....if it does get more memory...

Check the makers website (of the DVD and Compaq) is there a driver update....

Can you disable the autoplay and play it from within

try these suggestions

or this
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