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Please Help me

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Please help Me.
Ge Force 210
Turbo Cache 1GB
Heard Disk-500GB SATA

RAM- DDR3-2GB*2 = 4 GB

Prosessor - E7500 @ 2.93 intel CORE 2 Duo

my Problem is - i setup 4GB RAM 2 PCI Slot-2GB*2GB (DDR3)
But My Computer-Propertics-show 3GB RAM
My Operating Sys-Windows XP sp3 ( LENOVO 7 STYLE)

Please Tell me How I can Increase My RAM to 4GB.
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you cant - a 32bit operating system can only see 4GB and some of that needs to be reserved for internal use of the PC - so you typically only see 3GB or just over

whats the reading in the bios - that should be 4GB
but under windows will report approx 3GB

the only way to see more memory is to use a 64bit operating system
also as far as 32bit XP is concerned there would be no real advantage to average use going from 3-4gb anyway
My Operating Sys-Windows XP sp3 ( LENOVO 7 STYLE)
You will need to get a legal, genuine version of Windows.
A 32 Bit OS can only see up to 3.75GB of RAM. No games and few apps can utilize over 3GB of RAM and 2GB is commonly enough for XP.
Windows 7 is a worthwhile OS upgrade but not worth the $100 just to see another 1GB of RAM.
Thank You Every Body.
My Bios reading 4GB .

One More Qus. Please- My RAM 4GB but Show 3GB so my Computer going Slow or not? or What ever Show 3-4GB. My Computer Running 4GB Speed.
Using 4GB on the 32Bit OS is not going to slow anything down.
You're welcome!
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