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please help me:(

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hi! please help! i no this may sound stupid but im not gud with computers! but right here goes....
my friend has messed up her pc, n now when she turns it on it says cannot find rundll32, has this totally messed up her pc?
p.s she has lost all her start up discs and evrythin!!!!
please help!
thank u
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I just googled your problem and found a set of forum posts article Here.

Does the machine cease to work after the error message or does it continue to load to the desktop?

If she has an antivirus program (such as Norton or McAfee) then she should scan her computer for viruses.

Also, try clicking Start, Run, and then type in "SFC /scannow" (without the quotes).

which version of windows is she running?
It must be a pretty powerfull virus if it made her lose all her startup discs and everything. If you have her Windows disc or a Windows disc and your boot disc,put the boot disc in and the Windows disc and start up the computer. You may have to access the BIOS to set it to look in the A drive frst. When the boot disc leaves you at the A> prompt type E: and when you go to E: type setup and load Windows over whatever she has loaded already. Make sure the Windows disc is the same as the version she has loaded ie Win95, Win98FE or Win98SE. Good LUck.Dave
The boot disc will push the drives forward one letter so that what was D now becomes E
If it will boot into Winderz and your running Win98 you can run system file checker. Instructions here...........:D
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