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I feel like crying I am so frustrated with this problem. I bought an Amazon Fire 7 and I exhausted Amazon Prime's supply of shows so I I decided to try netflix, downloaded it to my fire tablet and it was amazing. It had so many shows I liked and wanted to see and I felt like I was never going to be out of stuff to watch again! But its been just a few days now and its completely not working!

Basically what it started doing was when it would play something, the image would freeze but the audio would keep going. If I sit and just let the audio keep playing, it also stops a couple minutes later. So this told me the problem was that for some reason it just suddenly stops downloading. I get no error message at all by the way.

So I tried backing out and restarting, whenever I did this it would again play for a few seconds than freeze and the audio would keep going for another few minutes. If I just kept continuously backing out and reentering every time I did it would take a little longer to load until finally at about the third or fourth attempt, the time it took to load became infinity. The circle just sits there going around and around and around but nothing else!

If I switch to another series it will do the same pattern play for a bit then freeze. However if I try playing another episode within the same series, then it just does the unending loading screen.

If I clear the cache and try to play a series that has frozen, it has no effect. If I clear my data, it has no effect. If I clear data and force stop it has no effect. If I uninstall than reinstall, again no effect. The only way I can seem to reset a series is by watching a whole episode of it through on my computer instead. But when I return to that series on my tablet it just does the freezing pattern again.

And this is really frustrating to me, I need it to work on my tablet. I have no use for it other than on my tablet. And I will be so unhappy if I don't get it working. :(

And I know its not my ISP because I can stream any of Amazon Prime's stuff still fine in hd uninterrupted. But just in case I set my netflix setting to stream the lowest quality and had no effect. And I tried on some different stores free wifis to the same results.

I can only assume there must be something that is preventing my tablet from downloading the data from netflix, and only the data from netflix. Or maybe something that is preventing my tablet from storing the data downloaded from netflix. And I don't know what or why it suddenly started doing this or anything! :sad: :crying:

Please help me! I'm desperate!
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