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Please help me!!!RAM problems, boot problems

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Hi, I have a Windows XP Professional SP2 computer with an intel P4 2.8B processor,
running on a newly installed MSI 865gm2 motherboard and 2 sticks of 256mb CL 2.5 ddr400 ram. I bought a stick of 1gb Patriot double sided, 1gb PC3200 CL3 ECC registered ram. (PSD1G400ER)

I looked on the crucial memory advisor and it says that my mobo can support sizes up to 2 gig. I have 4 DIMM DDR ram slots. My pc worked fine with 2x256mb ram modules.

I also looked in my mobo manual and read this:

Install at least one DIMM module on each of the slots. Each DIMM supports a maximum size of up to 1GB. Users can install either single or double sided modules to suit there needs. Please note that channel A DIMMS (DIMM 1 and DIMM 2) can work respectively alone but Channel B DIMMS must work in pair with Channel A DIMMS. In order to have better performance it is reccomened to install memory modules in pairs. DIMM 1 and 3, DIMM 2 and 4.

I have tried putting it in every combination but it just does not seem to work, let me tell you what i've done so far.

Combo 1:
DIMM 1:kingston 256mb
DIMM 2:patriot 1gb
DIMM 3 and 4:empty
Result: system hangs at POST memory check

combo 2:
DIMM 1:patriot 1gb
DIMM 2,3,4:empty
result: Continuous long beeps, no display, no POST

combo 3:
DIMM 1:kingston 256mb
DIMM 2:Richwin 256mb
DIMM 3: patriot 1 gb
DIMM 4:empty

result: Memcheck fine, completes post ok, gets to windows loadup and freezes, hangs in safe mode after AGP440.sys

Combo 4

DIMM 1:kingston/richwin 256mb
DIMM 2:patriot 1gb
DIMM 3:kingston/richwin 256mb

hangs on memcheck in POST, strange lines appear on screen.

Combo 5:
DIMM 1:kingston/richwin 256mb
DIMM 2:empty
DIMM 3:kingston/richwin 256mb
DIMM 4:patriot 1gb

Gets through post to windows load but doesn't even get to the safe mode selection screen, hangs before that.

PLEASE help, took me ages to save for this memory and i want to get it working!

is the ECC a problem? do i need to try any more combinations? any help at all would be so greatly appreciated, thanks a lot
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could not find your manual but at the kingston site here you will see all suitable ram is non error checking
Error checking

thanks for replying, is there any way i can disable ECC??
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