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I have bought a WinFast TV 2000 XP DELUXE Capture not long ago so I thought I could able to tranfer all my favor movies from VHS to VCDs in mpeg-1 format so i can play back on my dvd player with my RADEON Video Card 7000. But there are so much troubles that I revealed:

IN WinFast allows me to choose either record directly to convert to mpeg-1 or VCD PAL as i am in region 4 but that wasn't just simple because:

1. Every time I was recording it (both mpeg-1 & VCD Pal), after 2 mins of running. My Desktop changed from 32 bits to 4 bits similar in Safe Mode. All colors changed, all the windows displayed in big fonts & funny colors etc...

2. So if I changed my recording format to uncompress avi, it works but only went up to 17 mins maximum as it takes 3.9 GB to fill my HDD !!! for each 17 mins

3. Sometimes even couldn't record 17 mins either as It just stopped !!??

So I have been told that my Video Card may not compatible to my WinFast. My Details is:

*CPU: 2200 XP +
*OS: XP Professional
*RAM: 512 MB/ 120 GB in two HDDs: C & D
*VIdeo Card: RADEON 7000 Family Packs

I also have been told that I should change my Video card to GeForce as it supported envideo chips.

All I wanted is to record all my favor movies from VHS tapes to convert and keep them on my VCDs in Mpeg-1. But it is so hard. I am getting frustrating about all these. PLease help me out. The earliest responds would be very appreciated.
Thanks again:confused:
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