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Please help- Managing Network

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I am having a problem here lately with my roomate and his use of a P2P program, Vuze. It takes up a lot of bandwidth, and when he has it activated, it's impossible for me to play xbox and even slows down browsing. We are both on the same router/modem, and I was wondering if there was a way to disable the port that Vuze accesses, or a way to ban the program entirely. Asking him is out of the question, he's not going to stop using it. Any help would be appreciated!
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Find out the port that Vuze uses for it's connection for torrents and then set your router to block this port range, and voila!


or if your router has QoS you could set to lower his bandwidth for vuze.
Thanks a lot for the help guys...however...How can I figure out which port Vuze is using? I have admin access to the router.
6881 is the default port, however how has access to the router, both of you? you can also check in the router setup under port forwarding. It maybe also set up using Upnp (Universal Plug and Play)
We both have access to it, I have my laptop/XBOX 360 on it. He just has a laptop with that program Vuze that connects to it.
That's not not going to help a whole lot, if he also has access, he will be able to undo the changes you make. the only other alternative would be to ask him to adjust the bandwidth usage in vuze.
He won't know how, or prob won't even notice a difference in bandwidth/speed...
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