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Please help internet explorer not opening pages in 1 mb dsl connection

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I have ie7 and windows xp 512 ram pentium 4 3.19 ghz
i have a broadband connection of 1mbps. This is share with others and i also have a wireless connection to my laptop.
Recently i went on vacation. During that time the modem turned off so my neighbour who is sharing my net connection came to turn on the modem. However when i returned i noticed my computer was also used and all my connections and my computer skewed up.
Now i can access the net can chat etc . but the pages are running VERY slowly, sometimes they dont even open up, or some parts of the page arent being displayed, I get the "Page cannot be displayed" ALOT, often need to refresh the page 5+ times for it to fully load, videos I stream online wont run until I've refreshed alot of times. Alot of sites I've completely given up on just because they dont work at my pace especially hotmail .
I thought it was a connection problem since sometimes it works reasonably weel and sometimes it is dead slow. But now when i use the laptop simultaneously i dont see the problem on the laptop. The pages open on the laptop in a jiffy. Thus i know the problem is my computer and not the connection
I have done virus scan trojan scan spyware etc nothing is found there can someone please help me restore my internet connection to its old speed. I tried tcp optimizer etc. BUt i dont know what i should be really doing.
I really in need of the internet connection since i have to submit my modules for a course on june 21 st and i am unable to search any information for this purpose quickly.\
PLEASE if anybody out there can help please help.

i also want to add i tried using mozilla same problem tried resetting the modem and the gateway and also i reset ie 7 still no change please help

I had a slow net problem the post is posted here
while i was trying to fix that as i was lsowing surfing sudddenly all the desktop icons start menu task bar everything disappeared dont know if both the problems are connected. after googling i found out it was due to explorer.exe, since when i press CTRL aLt Del and stop explorer.exe then put new task and restart the task the icons reappear hower they dont stay like that they disappear then appear and keeps doing that . Please help me bring my computer back to normal. Thanks alot

now i dont know what the problem is but explorer.exe is giving me trouble and ruunung then vanishing please help me out

Any one can help now explorer.exe keeps running going off in the processes then reappearing i cant do anything with the system even removed norton still no solution please help the task bar evrything is disappearing and appearing please my post about this in same forum please help
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but my modem has been reset and stored with isp address settings all over again because i thought that was the problem however this did not solve my problem and how come it is working for the laptop and other people who are sharing my computer the connection is only slow in my computer all lan settings are off and connection is visible in task bar but the net connects it is only that it is very slow
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