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Please help, disappearing cd-drive :/

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So I went to reinstall a game today and realized that my CD-Drive no longer shows in "My Computer" I've tried the drive manager thing and it doesn't even show a cd-drive, nor does it show one in Device Manager. Also, it shows me as having a floppy drive when I don't, although to be honest I'm not sure if that was there before or not. I've tried reconnecting all the cables but that doesn't seem to be the problem as the drive spins the discs and opens/closes perfectly fine.

Any ideas?
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Shutdown - Switch Off
Remove flat ribbon cable and power cable from CD drive.
Switch on and boot into Windows (with CD drive disconnected).
Now Shut Down and switch off again.
Reconnect both cables to CD drive securely, making sure red stripe on flat ribbon cable is nearest to the power socket, though most connectors are now keyed to prevent mistakes.

Reboot into Windows.

Post back if still not showing in Windows.
Thank you for the reply, although unfortunately this had no effect.
If dai's suggestion doesn't work, try a new cable. sometimes the connector pulls out of the cable slightly so that two or three of the "teeth" don't connect
Try getting the brand and model of your drive then go to that company's website a download the latest drivers for it. Reinstall these drivers and see if that works.
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