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Playing .avi files with wmp

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Hi. I wonder if anybody can help me. When I play an .avi file with Windows Media Player I get the following info on the top left hand side of the monitor which continues updating all through the film.

Audio Track: 44100Hz, stereo 82kbps mp3 (libmad)
Input Description: 44100Hz, stereo 16-bit integer
Output Description:
Number of channels: 2
Current input birate: 112kbps

Any idea how I can get rid of this because it's really irritating while watching a film.

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This is weird. Im now experiencing the same problem.

most avi files I download using eMule. I used different viewers, including BSplayer and windows media player and get the same output which makes me think either eMule sticks that info, or BSplayer on the 1st time I open the file.

Anybody has a clue?
I don't beleive the problem originates from emule because I never downloaded from there. I usually download through rapidshare. However since them I have formatted my pc and installed Windows Media Player 11 and I have resolved the problem.
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