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Hi There :smile:

I'm helpdesk support for the company I work for and have recenty hit a wall with Windows 7. We have two sites, both with seperate servers. All our computers are networked and named.
The program I normally use to access another computer to help support them is called UltraVNC. I simply enter in the computers name (i.e. "test1") and I can connect to their desktop, alternatively I can also use their IP Address.

The Problem: Now recently we've been doing hardware roll-overs, upgrading alot of our XP machines to Windows 7, and this has raised a few conflicts for our second site. The current one at present is I am unable to get to reach any Windows 7 machines from our second site (I'm primarily based at our first site).
When I say reach, I mean I am unable to:
- Ping using command prompt
- Connect using ultraVNC
- Connect using an RDP connection
- Or map a network drive
USING the computers name only. If I use the IP Address for any of the above it works perfectly fine.
What I can connect to using the computers name are:
- Site One: Any computer windows XP to 7
- Site Two: Windows XP computers only (but also including the domain which is Windows Server 2008).

These Computers are Windows 7 Profesional 64bit Machines, Lenovo Product branded.

What I've tried/Checked:
- Windows firewall is disabled, but I have also checked under Advanced Settings and enabled File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPV4-In).
- Remote Desktop Settings are set to allow connections from computers running any version of RDP.
- The Computer itself is viewable from the DNS Manager on the Server.
- The computer is viewable and accessable from Active Directory.
- Although I can not access their computer without using an IP Address, their computer can access mine and other Win7 Machines using their Computer Names.

Any Advice of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :smile:

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Sounds like something that came with the OEM Windows 7 machines are blocking it.

Is there a DNS server in each Site? If you are logged on to any XP or Server 2008 machine on Site 2 can you still not browse to Windows 7 machines via hostname in the second Site?
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