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Hello folks I have got a wierd problem with the above board. If I connect a TV to video out (on SVIDEO), my plug and play monitor to the VGA skt ,I can only get standard/dual view i.e. clone etc are all greyed out. I can select tv OR monitor under dualview and if I boot up with only the TV connected (on SVIDEO) it is detected correctly. On board VGA has been switched of on my Biostar motherboard,and S3 drivers fully removed (shared memory set to 0 as well)

Has anyone got any idea what could be going wrong and more importantly how to fix this.

If I connect my plug and play monitor via a DVI to analogue vga connector and TV to Video out (svideo again) things work correctly!!!!

My system consisits of AMD 1700+ cpu
Biostar M7VIG MOBO
512 MB Ram
40 GB hard drive
NVIDIA Graphics card
Creative Live! 5.1 Digital
LG DVD drive
LG cd/rw drive
Operating System Windows XP Prof. with SP1 update

Would really appreciate any help on this on as I seem to be going round and round about to disppear you know where!!

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer,

Best Regards,

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