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PHP/MYSQL - adding multiple records at once

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Hi All,
I have an issue I am trying to get around.
I have a website for plane spotters, some have asked if they can have the following -

multiple input of spots for a spotting occasion.

e.g. they visit Manchester Airport, on 2015-02-23 and spot 18 aircraft. they want to be able to add into the DB all of the records on one screen so that they can see what they have already entered. eg.

G-TUIA B787 Dreamliner Thomson
G-OOBM A330 Monarch
G-EZUM A320 easyJet

they wish to input them into the screen and once completed they can click insert.

I can do this for one spotting but how to do it for multiple?
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Hi Dave,

So you have a database set up to store your records in. How about you collect the info for one record and store that record in the database and then retrieve all the records from the database and display them on the screen. Will that work for you?

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