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Peculiar Problem

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Not sure how to phrase this or where to ask it seems like a really peculiar problem.

Here's the deal:

-Its a gateway computer, belongs to my girlfriend, I'm not sure how old it is, but at least 4+. Its a gatewat 500GR.

-Recently started having problems, sporadic at first but more and more frequently as time goes on it happens daily or multiple times a day now.

-The computer locks up, first explorer, then whatever program(s) is running. If there is a sound playing it repeats the sound continually. It can sometimes catch up and un freeze, but I've found that can take as much as 30+ minutes before returning to (semi) normal.

-Nearly every time I try, nothing happens when I try to 'shut down' from the start menu. Oddly enough- when frozen or locked up, the power button on the front of the case also does not shut the computer down, nor, does it immediately turn the computer back on(it will, however, work after a few minutes)

-There is no hard power switch on the PSU, so I have resorted to unpluggin/plugging the computer back in to restart.

-Temp is not so bad, I blew the case out with compressed air and dropped the idle temp from 60 C to 45-50 C but it did nothing for the problem.

I've heard power supply's can cause funky problems, is that what it sounds like to you guys?
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Lots of possible problems, first use memtest to check the memory, then try a different video card or use the onboard video if available.

Without knowing more, this is where you should start. Could be the PSU, but you can probably rule that out if, after it freezes, check the voltages at an available molex connector using a voltmeter.

Report back any findings.
50c for a resting computer is too much. Try redoing the thermal paste between the CPU/Heatsink.

Applying Artic Silver Thermal Paste
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