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okay so i feel like this is going to be a little hard to explain, but ill give it a shot.
i am using pda net+ to get internet on my ps4. i hooked it up last night, im basically tethering my internet from my phone to my laptop and then sharing it to my ps4 via an Ethernet cable. it was running perfect last night, so i decided to download a game from my ps+ and it was working. and then the next morning it wasn't working anymore. (and i do have unlimited data so i dont think thats the problem) but what makes this a strange situation is that is that im still "online" ( i can access the playstore, see my friends that are online, visit my profile and access the internet browser, etc.) but i cant finish downloading the game i was trying to get.

then when i run the internet connection test, it says that the internet connection has failed , but im still "online" :banghead::banghead:
if anyone can help me out i would be greatly thankful..
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