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Hi everyone,

First post and all that...

I have a dual boot machine with PCLOS and Vista.

My installation of PCLOS has developed an intermittent problem.

Now and again, but within every session, PCLOS will freeze randomly. I can't restart the Xserver - only a hard reboot will do.

The potential causes are many of course but it's a problem I have only started having within the last week, since I installed wireless: I'm using a NetGear DG834G and WG111v2 (it all works fine but have to start the connection manually with each session).

It might just be my ATI X850Pro video card but then it works fine on my Widows installation. I'm using default, open source drivers on PCLOS.

It's not Compiz - I have switched it off and still get the problem.

Can someone give me an idea as to how I can take the first steps in diagnosing the problem please? What further information would you need?

It's made PCLOS unusable and I've had to make this post from the dark side of my PC, lol.

these are my specs

Intel P4 3Ghz Springdale
2gig Crucial RAM
ATI X850 Pro
Audigy 2 ZS

The only thing I can think of really is that my card is on its way out - the system's about 2.5 years old - maybe Linux can be a bit more sensitive to failing hardware than Wndows. But then it was serviced a couple of months ago and the rig works very well.

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas
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