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pci video

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Sup ya'll

i have an hp that doesnt have a AGP slot, so my video is onboard. The only info i could get from my system is that it uses an intel 82810 graphics controller. How would I find out how much ram is used for video. Im assuming its not too little cuz AVP2, red faction, runs smooth on it with basic-moderatly high settings but only on low rez. Higher rez causes slow.

Second. I wanted to buy a ati 64 MB PCI video card and install that. (i dont want to invest too much in the video card so 64 MB is good)

My system is a celeron 500 Mhz, 256 mb SDRAM......the video card is 64 MB DDR ram....would that be a problem, would it run on my system...Im running win98SE but in a week or so ill upgrade to XP home.

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I'll present an alternative idea, why not upgrade your motherboard? You could even use your existing CPU to save some bucks, but you'd end up with a real upgrade. Motherboards also come with the latest BIOS, many have USB 2.0 ports, etc.

I just bought the Acer AX4B-533 Pro for around $90, it has 5.1 sound, 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0, and of course, a new and up to date BIOS!. My processor cost twice what the MB cost. :)
Whats the point of upgrading the motherboard if im stuck with the same processor, besides I already have 2 usb, a great sound card, ethernet etc. and Im planning to purchase a new system in the summer time, thats why i dont want to invest alot in a video card. I just need it to keep me up till the summer.

Will that video card work though, it being ddr ram.... I assume 64 ddr would mean 128 sdram
Upgrade the motherboard & the processor, celerons are garbage
anyways. Truthly I would wait intil the new AMD CLAWHAMMER is
out. Get that and what ever motherboard supports that, then you
would have a proceesor & motherboard that kicks all are A$$'$
He's stated that he just wants the video card now, not everyone has the ability to run out and buy a new system whenever the insperation strikes. :D

Anyway 64mb PCI is about as good as your gonna find and is enough to get you through till the summer when you buy a new machine. If you could post a link to the card your thinking about then our graphics card guru's (not me :) ) could comment on it more directly.

BTW Im using a Celeron .. and it runs as good as any other chip Iv used... :bandit:
RZA get the geforce 4 PCI version o.k.
My point with the motherboard upgrade was that the money spent on the video board is wasted when you buy a new system with AGP, might as well do the upgrade in stages and not throw the money away. If money is an issue, I'd think that buying parts that will be obselete in six months would be an issue too.
You see, when i buy the new system in the summer time, im goin to give this present system to my younger brother, so the more i can do with it with out spending much, the better. The present configurations on this machine are enough to keep him good till he's in college or university.

The link for the video card i was planning to get is
be carefull

ihave a similiar sys with the 81810intel chipset .ive been checking around hp forums &ati i suggest you do also . theirs been alot of problems with the 7000 ati 64mb im going to try the 7500 but im going to make sure i can return it
wuz sup lonnyjones1 :D , I have a similiar sys with the 82810 intel chipset . How much ram does your intel chipset/video have. I been trying to find out how much mine has, it says 4mb but i think its wrong cuz i run programs/games that refuse to run on less than 16 mb ram for video.X(

So everybody, will the card work, or should I go for the 64 mb SDRAM or 32 Mb version.
so I did some research at and this is what if ound out

the intel 810 chipset video ram has a minimum of 4 mb and a max of 32 mb. the chipset allocates memory depending on the program and system requirements. So depending on what your running it will alocate anywhere from 4-32 mb of ram for video. That is supoosed to be an advantage of onboard video.

I guess that means i shouldnt buy the 32 mb card, back to 64 it is
82810 original up to11mb shared mem if you updat it up to 32
but thats max 24 bit ,some games quirie direct x for info before running,dx reports 5.5 (aprox) so some games wont even try to runeven if all they requir is 8mb if you set display modes true color 1286x1024 24bit dx reports 7,5 if i rememmber right.
so even a32mb card capable of 32 bit would be a major inprovment. we just bought the ati 64mb 7500 3 4 to get here though .i stress coution if your buy make sure you can return.
also between hp ati intel instructions id follow intels .also you might have to update you bios so you can disable onboard video
befor installing a vid card, let me know what happens
thanks for the info lonnyjones, but is your card 64 mb DDR ram or SD RAM, cuz the one im gona get is DDR ram and i dont know if that would work on my system... would there be any problems with it??
Not sure the 7500 is ddr 32 bit . go to,405,00.html
and do a search on video cards( info overload) people are having trouble with the ati 7000 64mb ddr-their recomending a 32mb with the older memory(sdram) i think their all to.why would that matter the computer comes with ddr,also go back to ati- -their is a very limited compatability chart. pull up the differnt cards side by side (study)
aallllssooo their is a game compatability chart at intel ,very helpfull
i wont be able to install my card til xmas it's a gift- hay the 7500 is only $10 more and its 32bit.
good luck
im worried cuz my system has 256 mb of SDRAM not DDRAM, i wanted to know if there would be any problems running 2 different types of ram

I'll do as much research as possible than get back to you

and can u post the first link again, it didnt work the first time, thanx
I cant answer your question on that. post a seperate question maybe an expert will answer..about that link i dont remember the path (i think they try to hide it) go to hp and navaigate to the -it resource center and do a search from there, video cards,or 82810. i know you cant mix memory on mother board
RZA said:
im worried cuz my system has 256 mb of SDRAM not DDRAM, i wanted to know if there would be any problems running 2 different types of ram

I'll do as much research as possible than get back to you

and can u post the first link again, it didnt work the first time, thanx
You can't run DDRAM, on a motherboard that only supports SDRAM
but you can have 66, 100, 133 SDRAM they will work. But not SDRAM and DDRAM different pin types...
the question was can we run a pc with sdram and a video card with ddr
Yes you can, the memory on the video card. Has nothing to do with the memory thats on your computer. DDR on a video card means it transfer the infomation faster then video cards, that use SDRAM. So go buy a card that use DDR it will work just fine..............:D
I know that if a system supports only a specific type of ram (pc 100 for example), it might not pick up the other types (pc 133 for example)

but i didnt know i could run the card, thanks shawnbowski...

thanks all for your input
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