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PCI IRQ Routing table Error 02:04:00

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Hi all, i am not really sure what happened but all of the sudden i got an error at the startup PCI IRQ routing table error 02:04:00. I installed a DVD Pioneer 109D (which works). I have a master LG 52x24x52, the dvd as slavem (are set on the secondary ide and a 200WD as master on the primary. The cd's work fine as stand alone (masters) but then i have the put as master and slave the second drive (either the dvd or the cd whichever is slave) is not being detected by the bios. Any ideas on how i can fix this? thank you

my mb is a P4C800 deluxe with latest bios. thanks

current pc config is

CD master
dvd slave (both on secondary ide but dvd not detected althoiugh works fine b tiself)
HD master primary
agp aiw ati 9700 pro 128

1 pci is sound

3 is audigy 2

and thaz it processor is 3.06 and 1 gb ram
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