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Please can someone help!

PCH-DL motherboard,
BIOS 1005
Adaptec Embedded v2.2-1 1230

All was running fine (Windows XP SP2) with IDE disks, then the disk failed (SMART error)
I purchase 2 x 250 Gb Western Digital SATA disks and built a mirror using the embedded Adaptec SATA HOSTRAID, with the driver on your website and installed Windows XPSP2 sucessfully.

I then installed my ATI x800XT graphics card and drives, played games for a week.

Then the machine would not boot and hung on AGP440.sys when in safe mode. After some time trying to fault find I rebuild it again.

Install ASWM and ASMBE and all the latest drivers from your web site.

After a few day the same problem, I have tried a PCI graphics card and forums point to when XP hangs on AGP440.sys it suggests a hardware fault…
So, AGP440.sys is a red herring!

Windows recovery console shows 1 c:\windows, but hanges if i select it!!

Can you help as I can’t find any info on this?

Is there a way to flash the embedded Adaptec SATA HOSTRAID?

I am feel i am profient in IT as I have work in the area for 10 years, am CCNA qualified. I have tried loads of things, Clear CMOS, RAM out.

Yours hopefully
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