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PC2100 V. PC3200 Memory Modules

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Hello you all,
Recently upgraded my mobo and proc mainly 'cause the mobo went south. The new mobo manual states the mobo will support up to 3GB of PC3200 DIMM mem.
I have currently installed 1GB of PC2100 DIMM (swapped from my old mobo). My question is what would I gain over the PC2100 by installing 1GB of PC3200? In your humble, personal opinion would it be worth it?
Thoughts: The 1GB mem is good (ran memtest86, zero errors). The machine runs good although I can't tell a lot of difference from upgrading from P4 1.7GHz to a P4 3.06GHz 533MHz FSB. I might be able to sell the PC2100 DIMM's on eBay and pay for at least half the cost of PC3200? Thanks for your help and input! :sayyes:
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It is my opinion (I love those opinion questions) that you would definitely see a difference with the PC3200 over the PC2100. Sell the old ones on Ebay (you will be surprised how much you might get) as you said and go for the PC3200.
You probably will not see any kind of performance gain. This will depend on the FSB of the processor. With a 533MHz FSB processor, your memory bus speed will be 266MHz. PC2100 memory runs at 266MHz memory bus speed. PC3200 memory runs at 400MHz memory bus speed. If you use PC3200 memory, It will just downgrade to PC2100.
(DDR memory bus speed is typically twice the MB clock speed)
The plus in upgrading to PC3200 memory would be that if you upgrade the CPU to an 800MHz FSB, you will have memory compatible with it (if your MB is capable of supporting an 800MHz FSB CPU).
The only advantage to using PC3200 memory in a system that has a 533MHz FSB is you can overclock the memory bus up to 400MHz and it will remain stable.
The only performance gain you will probably see is if you bought memory that has faster timings (latancy).
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When I went from 512MB PC2100 to 1GB PC3200 I felt the difference.
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