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PC won't turn on

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I recently rebuilt my PC and it powered up fine, and after about 15 minutes (whilst installing WINXP), it just switched off. I checked inside and there were no visible signs of damage, but the CPU had heated up quite quickly. The mobo is designed to cut out to avoid CPU overheating, bit now there is nothing happening at all when I hit the power switch. No fans or lights activate.
The 300w PSU was brand new, so I looked inside and saw the fuse was blackened. Is my PSU the problem here, or I have I done some damage elsewhere?

Radeon 9700 PRO
Athlon XP 2400
Windows XP Home
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One can't actually tell until you try it again with another power supply if you have done more damage to the computer. However, I suspect that your power supply is not up to the job.

Look on the side of it and list the brand name and the amps per rail (would look like +12v=14 or something similar) and that will tell us a lot. Also, a 300 watt power supply of any kind generally won't pull a modern computer and if you have one of the "off brands," then that is even worse (which I suspect you do) on your computer.

Provide the information back and when you have a bit of time, read the power supply information under my signature. Use the calculator at the end of the document and add 30%, and it will tell you the bare minimum you must have as a power supply for your unit.
Most likely the psu is the problem.

Read that it will give recommendations for the psu you need. For your rig I would think at least the 450W fortron that is suggested in the guide would be good but it would not hurt to go higher if your budget will allow.

If you have any other problems or questions let us know

EDIT: Darn,,,,,,, Tumble went and beat me to it again, I just can't type that fast
Hey Doby,

Just a little payback for the last couple of weeks. :wave: The real important thing here is that we agree the power supply is most likely the bad guy.
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