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PC won't shut down every time?

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I am just curious as to why my computer doesn't shut down every time I go to shut it down? I have a HP XL753 with WIN ME and it may shut down fine for a few days and then again it may decide to just keep running after I go to shut down? The screen goes black and the prompt just blinks in the left hand corner of the monitor? I have to press the power button until it shuts off??? If anyone knows why this is happening; I would appreciate any ideas. I get any updates that are sent to me; so I do not know if there is a patch for this or not? THANKS!!!!!!:confused:
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I had a problem like that when I used WinME. I never really found out what it was, but do you run Windows update? Have you updated any drivers?
Yes I do update regularly. I don't understand why it stops responding to the shut down command. But I will keep looking for a solution; I appreciate any help you can give also. THANKS!:)
MS Doublespeak?
Had to laugh out loud (lol?) when I read (from MS link above re:
shutdown probs.)
"not caused by a problem in Windows 98 or Windows ME, but may be caused by a design change in Windows 98 or Windows ME. " !!!!!! Is it just me, or is that one of the finest examples
of symantical redefinition ever? "Problem," MS- style, magically
becomes "design changes" Whatever you choose to call it, MS,
it acts, quacks, walks and talks like a problem from the hapless
end user's point of view!:morph: :morph:
You might be very interested in this article.

Really good if u have probs shutting down win ME 98 95 problems..
It also sounds like it is worth waiting the extra 60 seconds for it to shut down rather than have the computer stuff up
Me.. Just say no

Well that about covers it... Drop Me from your system, Win2000 is stable not really good for game play but XPhome is at least as stable as Win2000 and is good for game play.

M.E. is just welll it's just S*#K if you look at performance reviews on Microsofts own site Me scores BELOW Win98SE! Had to laugh when I saw that.
I have to agree with TTII, I would rather 98se than ME. I don't even own a ME disk. I love 2kpro, it is my MS OS of choice.

BTW- a big welcome to the forum TTII.
All I can say is welcome to ME. ME has to be the most worthless piece of garbage that Microsoft ever made. The only reason they made it was to sub what Billy Boy lost in the courts.

Isn't it amazing that they come out with ME and call it the hot stuff and then right away, right behind it they come out with XP and they dont even bother to come out with a second edition of ME...why? Becuase it is junk.

I had it on my laptop and got rid of it right quick.

Your better off with 98SE than you are with ME. If you really want stability go with 2kpro or XP.

Good luck,

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