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Luckily I have a second laptop to help me fix my old one!

Here's the problem:

I have dell inspiron 1501 (crapper haha) running Vista Basic (well not anymore!)

long story short, I dropped it yesterday... starting making weird running/ticking sound at some times inside but was still working.

Went to turn on today, and it's taking FOREVER to even show it's loading BIOS screen, and then freezes. I can get into the Bios setup utility and it says ATAPI cd ROM NONE and Fixed Disk NONE.

I can go into Boot but it won't let me hit enter to configure hard drive usb cd rom or anything. Enter + won't work, but Enter - will... CTRL Enter won't work and if I try to go to advanced or security tab it will freeze completely.

have tried reinstalling windows, but it will load so far from CD, but then won't let me install/restore/etc because it only finds X: not C:

Does anyone have ANY suggestions? Can this even be fixed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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