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pc wont boot in to windows...:(

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my pc specs are
intel core i7 920
12 gb ocz 3 ddr3 ram @ 1333mhz
silverstone 850 watt psu
hd 4890 1 gb graphics card
asus p6t deluxe v2 motherboad
x-fi elite pro sound card
antec skeleton case

the problem started after a major cleaning operation...
once I had finished I turned on the pc and it wont boot the motherboard os, windows os and the monitor is a blank screen.
the hard disk indicator is not lighting up so there seems to be no data transfer but the motherboard os doesnt need to use the hdd.
all fans are working.
power is running through everything, graphics card, sound card, cpu fan e.t.c...

things I have tried are
remove all usb devices
remove all none essential components except for 1 stick of ram graphics card and cpu and try in different slots
added right ammount of thermal paste to cpu
removed motherboard battery to reset cmos

things i am going to try next are
change pci x port for graphics card
change port for sound card

this has happened once before after cleaning and the remedy was to remove sound card but that is not working now....

please help if you can...:)
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have you checked all the power cords plugged into the motherboard? there is a possibility that one of them might not be properly clipped in anymore. also, did you make sure the CPU cooler is still properly seated? try unplugging the hard drive also. it cant hurt, and as you said, you should still be able to post.

one way to see if it is really the motherboard is to turn it on, let it run for a while, then feel the northbridge/south bridge heat sink. if they are not warm, then something is wrong with the motherboard. if they are warm, then i am not entirely sure right now what the problem is.
thanx for the quick reply...ive checked all connections about 100 times and they are fine also changed ports for graphics card and sound card...still no joy for the north/south bridge, will they warm up straight away or do I have to wait a while?.... if so how long? thanx...:)

sorry forget my question ive just read your post again...

if the psu cords were not plugged in properly then wouldn't the motherboard not turn on, or even the computer itself?...just trying to work out if this could be the prob...
they should get warm fairly quickly, but i would wait around 5-10 minutes to check for sure. they can get fairly toasty so be careful

sometimes when one has sleeping problems, others can still benefit :)
just checked bridges and both seem fine (warm) going to try more thermal paste on cpu...although correct me if i am wrong but should there not be an error message ''cpu overheat failiure'' on start up if there is not enough on?
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