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Pc Turns Off In Games

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Lately i have been extremely frustrated by a problem that occurs often. We got a person to come and fix our wireless internet and he opened the computer and took a few things out (this proberly isn't linked to problem) anyways after that i went on warcraft 3 and tried to install update. i leave it to install and i come back soon after to find my computer off. To turn the computer back on i have to switch it off at the powerpoint and wait 5mins for it to turn on again. So then i installed a update from the official site which i thought worked since i could play online. I begin to play and the computer turns off again. Sometimes after 10 mins sometimes after an hour. I tried to install update for company of heroes on the game but at the same spot always it turns off. It could be overheating however i find it strange how it doesnt turn back on for 5 mins. This only happens in games but since i play them often i would like to fix it somehow.
If anyone could post what they think it would be appreciated.
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Sudden turn off's are power supply or heat related. Follow this:

Download Sensors View

Install it and then run it to report back all the temperature, fan speed and voltage values.

Do so after you've had your PC running for a while under a little gaming (not intense).
i took a screenshot after playing a game. i made the game window small and opened the game to find the temperature rising quite a lot. here is the temperature right after i closed the game. Text Screenshot Font
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i just realised when im not on a game it gets quite high. While in a game it would get higher than the stats i attached before.

sorry for posting 3 in a row :laugh:
Hi andrew123

Not to worry.

Are the temperatures at 45-50C before playing a game?

Your 5V rail is one of the most important. It is wayyyy over the limit - overloaded. Thats dangerous and combined with high PSU or HDD temps, your about to fry components.

If your using the older AMD CPU's, they were dependent mainly on the 5V rail for their power.

Do this power supply calculation:

Add 30% to the end value you get and post the results back please.

Also open your side case, no need to touch anything but just move wires out of your view, and then look for the label on your PSU (the power connects to it on your PC). Look for readings of:

Total Watts
12V Amps
5V Amps
3.3V Amps

Post them back please.
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if when it shuts down you have to wait for it to restart,you have a tempreture problem
blow the heatsinks and the computer free of dust with a can of air
redo the paste on your cpu with some arctic silver
System Type: Dual Processor
Motherboard: Regular - Desktop
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 C 3000 MHz Northwood
CPU Utilization (TDP): 100% TDP

Video Card: Gigabyte GV-3D1 Dual GeForce 6600
Video Type: Single Card


CD-RW Drive: 1 Drive
DVD-RW/DVD+RW Drive: 1 Drive
Floppy Drive: 1 Drive

PCI IDE RAID Controller Card: Yes

USB: 4 Devices

Regular: 1 Fan 80mm; 1 Fan 120mm; 1 Fan 250mm;

Keyboard and mouse: Yes

PSU Utilization: 100 %

Total: 387 Watts

Most of it should be correct but some i didnt understand or couldnt find the details.
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does that figure include the 30%
post the details off the label on the side of the power supply
i think i found the problem.:grin: turns out that when that person took apart everything he took out the 80mm fan which wasnt plugged back in but lying there, however i will reply if my problem isn't fixed. i saw it when i was about to check the pcu details.
it is still quite warm and i checked to see if the fan is working whats an average degrees? and the 5v rail
my 5v is still preety high i dont think the problem is solved yet
I would so say He Fried ur Pc. And has to pay for a new for his Ignorance and doing the job a half ***.
what parts of the computer would be wrecked now?
I dunno. IS it all fixed?
if the fan wasnt plugged back in was it hot then?
Were is the fan ? on the outside of ur case?
well it wasnt clipped onto that gold thing and the gold thing was pretty hot.
If a 12V rail is running too high, the 12V rail is overloaded and PSU damaged. If the 5V rail is running at ~6.80V then you have trouble. Your heating was one concern, and I also thought that your PSU is most likely overheating too. Above 50C. The 3.3 and the 5 rails should not fluctuate that much as most of the load is elsewhere on current PC's. I'm not exact on this issue as the software readings could be inaccurate. To make sure of this, check in the BIOS for these voltages:

The readings for a system fan didn't show up which means that the fan was most likely never plugged in. You need to visually checkup if its spinning and plugged in now.
The problem is and always has been two fans that have been unplugged. One was totaly unplugged the small fan for the cpu and the graphics card fan wasnt spinning. i took it spart and put back in and it started spinning. everything was ok until i chacked again. this time it wasnt spinning. i have decided to buy or ask for new fan and see if this problem comtinues. if it does it obviously something to do with the graphics card. it could be damged from the heat and prevent the fan from spinning sometimes. then i will work out what to do if the problem isn't solved. I think that getting a new fan should fix it unless something is preventing it from spinning which i doubt. my computer shows no signs of graphic faults which probaly means my graphics card hasnt been fried yet. if you have any idea that this will solve it reply please.

also i felt the heat inside the computer near the graphics card and cpu.
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is it likely my graphics card is stuffed or could the fan be the thing thats stuffed. how can i tell? what could be wrong with such a small part (the fan) i am going to get a new fan very soon and screw it on. i dont see what is wrong with it since it seems hard to damge. all i want to know is how can i tell if the graphics card is fried what signs tell me?

i installed that program on my brothers computer which works fine while playing games. his 5v is high too which is weird, though it doesn't change from 6.85
First, if the fan was not replaced onto the CPU heatsink then...well it's probably had irreversable damage done to it, the CPU that is. And...what computer are you running that has dual processors?

As far as your graphics card, it's probably toast too if the fan went out. You could benchmark your system and post the numbers, that'd tell how badly it's been damaged.
the graphics card fan went out and sometimes worked. is the cpu heatsink that big gold thing on the motherboard?
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