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Hi! My name is Vikas and im 14 i got interested in PCs arround a year ago when I was mesmerized by the endless possibilities of computers which led me to build a PC for game development and scientific rendering .I was facing some issues with my PC that i recently had custom built a month ago and around yesterday (13th November 2020) my PC suddenly stopped displaying video and revved the case fans and the gpu fans(not the cpu fan) but the application i was running in the background was still running i could tell because i was listening to music. this problem has happened around 5 or 6 times and it happens during stress and idleness. ive already checked for a virus or malware.
ive tried updating windows and changing to an older Nvidia driver
my pc specs are :
1) CPU : ryzen 7 3700x
2) GPU: rtx 2070 super Zotac amp extreme
3) Storage : sata ssd
4)gigabyte b450m dsh3 wifi
5)32 gb RAM (16 x 2) corsair vengeance
6)amd stock cooler
7)mwe 750 bronze - v2 (Cooler Master)
windows: windows 10 pro 20h2
OS build: 19042.630
Driver: game ready driver 456.55
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