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PC starting, no display

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My computer starts, but there is no display - no BIOS/bootup screen or anything. The graphics card is integrated onto the motherboard. I also tried using an external graphics card, still no display. I tried a different power supply unit, removed and reinserted the RAM, to no avail.

Does this seem like a motherboard issue? Is there anything else I can try?
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Did the problem occur suddenly or have you been experiencing problems?

PC Specs?
Prebuilt- Brand Name & Model Number
Custom Build- Brand & Model of Mobo-CPU-RAM-Graphics-PSU
Tis actually a friends PC, he left his broken laptop with me as well but I have that sorted. The pc is an acer aspire, not sure of the model number as it is not with me at the moment. It has 2GB of RAM, and I can't tell what sort of processor it is since it has a big stupid black cone over the top of it which is almost impossible to remove :( It looks like this and the problem is the same: All my fans are running though.

The PSU is 400W, I also tried another 400W one so that seems to be ok.
The problem relates to a power issue. It's difficult to offer any knowledgeable help not knowing what hardware were dealing with.
Brand & Model of the 400W PSU in the PC and the one you tried as a replacement?
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