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PC randomly shuts off?

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Hello TSF Team,

Well, I guess this must be a PSU problem.
After playing BFBC2 for awhile, and getting the pc all nice and warm, I trying to open my mod tools for call of duty. My PC up and died when I launched the third program. It closed the program and the other two, and after about 2 seconds... The PC shut off.

I imeditally rebooted into the BIOS to check system and processor temps. My processor was at 37C and the system was somewhere below that.

I then checked my voltages, which were all normal.

After which, I booted into windows to post on TSF. Halfway through my first posting attempt, the PC died again, but showed me the log off screen.

I am now on my iPod Touch to post this time.

System specs:

MSI NF750-G55 SLI AM3 Motherboard
AMD Phenom II x2 dual core processor @ 3.4 GHZ
Rosewill Xtreme 80 plus 850w PSU (RX850-S-B)
BFG GTX260 maxcore video card
1.25 TB total WD caviar black HDDs
Thermaltake Spinq AMD 3 processor cooler
I think that's everything...

(yes, I know the PSU is really offbrand, but I'd read nothing but good about it, and it was cheap off newegg.)
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Yea your PSU is very off brand. LOL sorry I can't help you here...
It is most likely the low quality power supply, so it might be wise to see if you can borrow one to try in there to make sure. You might also want to try one stick of memory at a time and if that doesn't help, swap another single stick in there to test.
Yea, do that!! I was thinking of that...... (lying to look good) LOL
Haha, I fixed it, the 20+4 Power Cable must have been loose or something. I really like my low quality PSU, it seems rock solid. I guess we'll see how rock soild after I go MINERAL OIL COOLING!

Yay! My PC living in an aquarium with the little bubbles.... :D
Rosewill PSU's are basically junk. When low quality PSU's fail they rarely do so without taking other hardware with them.
BUMP, please
Well, I like the thing. It's really heavy (a simple sign of quality) and the cables are all very high quality. It's the nicest PSU I've owned and that includes two coolermasters and a corisar.
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