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OS: Windows 10 pro 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-6402P 2.80ghz overclocked to 3.20ghz
RAM : 8 gb 2444hz
GPU: Radeon RX 470
PSU: MS Platinum 600 v7
( if more specs needed ask )


When I play video games in this case ( Escape from tarkov ) all low settings I get crashes like my Display driver crashes. No overheating it is random might be in the first 10 minutes of spawning in the map or over an hour or even 4 hours playing. Now more frequently it's in the first 3 minutes of playing. It use to happen with games like Overwatch but didn't crash in like a year as I remember. This time year ago , I played Tarkov normally those crashes occurred now and then maybe once trough out a gaming session of 2 hours. Now it's every time. My drivers are always up to date, graphics card recently cleaned with the whole pc ( ports everything ). New thermal paste was put 3 days ago. I read somewhere online it may be a PSU problem or something I doubt it. I use to run Tarkov with ok settings I'v put everything to low and did some online searching to optimaze the game for lower end pc's but that doesn't seem to fix the problem just boost the fps. I don't think my pc is too weak for the game since I ran it before with stable 50-60 fps. I get 140 fps on Overwatch ( low settings) and it doesn't crash. It use to the same. The crash is like black screen , the sound is still on but no responding , I unplugged and put back in the monitor cable , didn't fix it. I need to unplug the pc and plug it back in to run it again and no crash reports no anything.
If anyone had the similar problem and fixed it or anyone know what might cause it to replace the part or program please do let me know. Thank you!
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