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PC powers on, no display, no beeps/post

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I am attempting to repair a friends computer that he was about to throw out. He said the PC would turn off every 20-30 minutes and he said he replaced nearly everything and finally called it quits.

When I brought it home, I was getting no display and it would shut off after about 10 seconds. If I turned it back on, it would shut off in 5 seconds. Seemed like something was overheating. I looked at the thermal paste and it seemed to be a gob of a mess. I used alcohol and q-tips to remove that (my first time!) and applied a thin coating of thermal grease to the cpu and reseated the fan.

Voila! The PC seems to be staying on now!

Problem now is, I'm still not getting a display. I also get no beeps including if I remove the ram or gpu.

I have tried (all known to be good and working) different monitor, different psu, and a different gpu. No difference.

I removed the motherboard battery and cleared cmos (moving the CLRTC jumper to pins 2&3 for about 10 seconds and then moving it back and reseating the battery)

Still no beeps.

Is the only possibility left trying another motherboard? I was trying to avoid that seeing as how I've never built a computer and am a bit hesitant to go that far with it. Also I would prefer not putting money into something I'm not sure is going to work!

The motherboard is a P5Pl2 from ASUS.

Are there any more ideas for me to try or any additional information I need to give! Thanks a ton guys. :)

*edit* I'm pretty certain this stuff is out of warranty as well, but I will check with him on that later!
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Remove ram and try with only one stick...repeat process for second stick

If that fails i suggest bench testing
I also get no beeps including if I remove the ram or gpu.

I only have one stick of ram here to play with. But seeing as how I get no beeps with or without the ram (or the gpu for that matter) does this guarantee that it is the motherboard.

The board takes PC2 3200 or 4200 I think. The only other ddr2 ram I have is 6400, so no luck there! :(

I'll look at your link, thanks!
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